Wonderful Places

From influencer to lifestyle brand

From influencer to

lifestyle brand

Wonderful Places — The ultimate destination for travel inspiration


Turning an Instagram account into a lifestyle brand, I worked with Wonderful Places to give their followers more of what they love through a content-rich app.



Wonderful Places established themselves as a social influencer by posting breathtaking photographs of sceneries around the world on their Instagram account, the main one being @wonderful_places. The popularity of their photographs helped them to become one of the Top 400 most followed accounts on Instagram, with 12.2 million followers and a total of over 20m followers across all 5 accounts.

WP saw the opportunity to go beyond Instagram for their revenue source and to provide even more value to their followers, so Apply and WP started discussing how to take their platform to the next level.


As the outcome of these discussions, Wonderful Places teamed up with Apply create an app where followers can access all the WP Instagram profiles in one place, browse photos and travel logs from their favourite locations all over the world, join an Epic Photo Trip organized by WP, and shop prints and WP branded apparel.

From the business perspective, the app is a way to expand their business scope and sponsorship possibilities beyond a single Instagram post. The app can act as a platform to generate more revenue while providing more substantial content to their followers, thereby developing a more loyal fanbase. From the user perspective, the app can be the main source point for travel-inspiration imagery; similar to Trips by Lonely Planet.


6 months - ideation to app delivery


UX/UI design, app creation, project management