GE Renewable Energy

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Turning a corporation

into a community

GE Renewable Energy subsidiary - internal mobile communication across regions and departments.


Building a app to connect a corporation of thousands so that all the employees are in the loop with what’s happening in their company.



In a large corporate environment, employees often have difficulty knowing what is going on in their own company. They were getting information from scattered sources of communication: email, newsletters, press releases, TV monitors in the office building - to list a few. The CEO sends out weekly messages to his staff as an intention to create a personal connection with senior leadership, but these messages are often lost or forgotten in the midst of all the other emails an employees receives per day.

In addition to getting an overview of the going-on's in the company, he wants to give his employees more internal insights on the company to create a connected work environment and promote the energy to work to drive innovation as a whole.


The team at Apply and I met with GE's project team to build an internal communication app which would contain news about the subsidiary, feature stories about projects and employees, and an "unfiltered" blog feed posted by senior leadership. The aim of the app is for employees to have a one-stop resource for everything GE Renewable. Additionally, to create a stronger connection between the departments and hierarchal levels.

We added familiar aspects of social media by including a like button and a feedback form in every post. This way, leadership can get direct feedback about the content they share and thoughts on the company, while employees can easily and anonymously, should they choose, to voice their opinions.

We connected to the company's SSO (single sign-on) login so the employees can access the app without creating a separate login. We built the functionalities of a customized newsfeed in-app utilizing completely API-driven tools and the Apply platform.

This is the response from the CEO:

"When communicating to thousands of employees across Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, our digital communication tools need to be agile, comprehensive, and above all efficient. With Apply DS we’ve been able to work on a mobile communication solution that allows us to instantly share messages across our organization, but most importantly, allows us to have a fast two-way communication channel to connect with our employees across our regions.”


4 months - ideation to full app launch


UX/UI design, app creation, project management



Employees can keep track of the launch progress around the world from the home screen. This creates a sense of team effort for each country team to help and reach out to one another to succeed in the launch.


Submitted questions from “Ask the Team” are published in the FAQ, where employees can search and find answers to questions that someone else might already have asked.



Utilizing the Apply platform’s CMS, the project manager can upload and organize key documents to the app, so no documents will be lost in emails again.